My Top Feature Requests for iPhone 5, IOS and iTunes

As most of my readers know, I have been an iPhone fan since the device came out.  I stood in line at my local Apple retailer in Chicago for just over six hours on June 29, 2007 to be one of the first to own the device.  I have repeated this ritual many times since then for iPhones, and later, iPads.  Although I have greatly enjoyed using each of these devices, it doesn’t mean that they could not be improved.  Here is my take on changes that I would like to see added to iPhone 5, IOS and iTunes.  Many of these would carry over into the upcoming iPad release also.

  1. Wireless Wi-Fi Sync – We have a fairly large number of IOS devices in our home that periodically need to be directly connected via USB to perform backup and sync operations against iTunes.  I would really, really like it if this operation could be done without being connected to the computer.  I would like the opportunity to charge devices at any power source in the house and as long it was connected to the local WiFi network that the paired iTunes was on, it would have the ability to sync.  I really don’t see a need for a physical connection to the device to transfer data.  OS upgrades may be a different story.
  2. A Better Camera – Although the camera on the iPhone 4 is arguably one of the best cameras on a phone, there is room for improvement.  For quick snapshots, it is fine.  I would like to bump up the quality of the camera a bit so I would no longer need to ever carry a separate point and shoot camera.
  3. Better Battery Life – As smartphones become an increasingly important part of our daily lives, we will rely on them even more.  Although my iPhone gets charged several times a day (overnight in the dock and in the car), I would really like it if the phone could carry a charge that would last 48 hours with heavy use and without recharging.  This could also be handled by selling a case with an extended battery. I have purchased the Mophie products before, but the problem I have with them is that they don’t come out for months after the device ships so I only get to use it a short time before I upgrade the phone.  An extended battery case should be sold at the time of release of the product.
  4. Bigger Display – I would like to see just a bit bigger display.  As I view web pages and other content on the phone, I frequently do zoom in to get a better look.  This wouldn’t be required quite so often with a larger display. This will be even more critical as older users get aboard the smartphone bandwagon.
  5. More Storage – I’m a packrat.  If it were possible, I would have every single bit of data I have ever created, purchased or downloaded with me at all times.  I would like to see the storage bumped to at least 64 GB.  128 GB would be even better.
  6. Radio – I would really like to see Apple add at least an FM, if not AM/FM radio to the iPhone.  If they can put one in a Nano, they should be able to easily add this to other IOS devices.
  7. A Better Method for Controlling App Arrangement – I have hundreds of apps on my devices. I have spent many hours attempting to organize them into different screens and folders through the interface on iTunes. Simple changes can be done directly on the phone with the giggling icons, but for any real updates you are forced to use iTunes interface.  I would really like to see some advanced features in allowing me to configure how apps are downloaded and arranged on the device.  I would be more than happy if I could download a configuration file of rules that could be followed for app placement.
  8. Nested Folders – If we can support folders for apps, why not nested folders?  It shouldn’t be that difficult if this feature was initially designed properly.
  9. 4G Service – I don’t believe that this will happen yet with iPhone 5, but a faster data connection would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Device Profiles – I would like the ability to identify different configurations of my IOS devices.  For example, I would like to have a profile my phone for when I go on vacation.  It could perhaps remove some items and replace them with games, music or videos.  I would like a traveling configuration that would load all of the travel and airport related apps.  Having to manually adjust device contents takes time and allows for me to forget certain apps or data.
  11. Auto Arrangement of Apps – I think I would be OK with only the first few screens of apps to be static.  Maybe each additional screen of apps could be sorted by some criteria like most recently added or most often used.  That may reduce the need to search for apps.  I do have more apps on my device than will fit on the available device screens.
  12. Protect Apps or Folders – Children are often really intrigued by Apple devices and many people yet youngsters hold or play with their IOS devices. IOS does already include parental controls, but I don’t believe they go quite far enough.  I would also like to add some sort of guest mode where you could loan a device to someone and restrict their access to specific apps, like just a web browser or movie player. This would effectively “sandbox” them so they could not see your history or access any other applications or data on the device.

Apple, are you listening?


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