Mystery Solved: The Case of the Depleting iPad Battery

I have owned an iPad since the very first day they were available. I pretty much carry it with me everywhere.  It is either in my hand, under my arm, on the desk next to me or in my backpack.  It is hardly ever more than a few feet away from me, at least during waking hours.

For the original iPad, I carried it in a leather clam shell style case. Once the iPad 2 came out, with the stylish yet useful magnetic cover, I have used that to protect my screen.  To Apple’s credit, the same magnetic cover fits both the iPad 2 and the iPad New, released just a few months ago.

Over the last few weeks, I have been noticing that by the time I get to work in the morning, my iPad has already lost a significant amount of charge.  Normally, I charge the device over night so it is ready to go with me the next day.  Over the course of about 90 minutes in the morning, it loses a roughly 10% of the charge.  Hmmm…

A few days ago, as I was folding the magnetic cover back, I noticed that the magnetic cover wasn’t fitting directly over the face of the iPad.

iPad Cover

iPad Cover

It seems that over the 18 months of normal use, the portion of the vinyl cover that rides along the hinge had become slightly squished.  That is, although the cover is still attached properly by the magnets, the actual face of the cover is able to slide slightly off the face of the iPad, as seen in the picture above.  I really didn’t think to much about it until I realized that the iPad was already awake and warm when I propped it up.  As it turns out, sliding the cover as little as 1/4″ in either direction is enough to awaken the iPad from sleep.  The magnets in the cover no longer line up with those on the device which force it to sleep.  As my iPad moved around a bit in my backpack, it would awaken and start the day a bit before me. Mystery solved!

Fortunately, until I can get a replacement cover that fits correctly again, there is a setting under General called “iPad Cover Lock / Unlock”.  When turned off, it requires the use of the power switch to awaken the device.

I wonder if the leather covers will suffer from this same issue?

Now, should I get another magnetic cover or should I get one of the Bluetooth keyboard cover combinations?

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