SAFEWAY Monopoly Game: There Is An App For That!

At least in the Pacific Northwest, our local SAFEWAY grocery storesare once again handing out game pieces for their Monopoly game.  Specific purchases made at the store trigger you to receive game pieces at checkout time.  The game pieces include collectable game pieces used to fill spots on the game board (where you can potentially win fabulous prizes!), and either a store coupon, instant win or a second chance online game code.

SAFEWAY Monopoly Game Pieces

SAFEWAY Monopoly Online Code Game and 2nd Chance Sweepstakes Coupons

The suggested methods for entering the second chance sweepstakes has been to go online to their website and type in the codes manually or attach them to a 3×5 index card and snail-mail them in.  Entering the codes by hand at the website is a tough task.  By rapid mathematics, one could easily conclude that they will likely lose money on the prospect of mailing in each entry with only one entry per envelope.  Last year, I didn’t even bother entering the second chance codes.  Earlier today, as I went through my mound of new game pieces, I decided I would look for a way to automatically enter the online sweepstakes codes.  My initial thought was that I was going to take on the mission of writing a small application to submit them.  Fortunately, I looked around a bit before I started on that exercise.  I checked out the Apple app store and found an iPhone app that will let you submit the codes!  This app appears to also be available for Android devices from Google Play.  Instead of typing the codes into the app, you scan the barcode using the camera on your device and submit them at the push of a button.  To scan codes, select “SCAN A CODE”. Next, point the camera of your device toward the ticket and focus the crosshairs on the barcode. After the code has been successfully read, select “SUBMIT CODE”.  You will then get a popup notification on the device indicating what, if anything, that you have won. The app is not perfect, but using it is definitely better than entering the codes all by hand.

SAFEWAY Monopoly App

Once installed on your device, setup is pretty easy.  You will need to create an account with a username and password, provide a valid email address and answer a few questions about where you have shopped.

SAFEWAY Monopoly iPhone App

As each game piece is scanned, you get immediate notification of the status.

Monopoly Losing Game Code

Monopoly Winning Game Code

Once I got into “the zone”, I was able to submit about 7 codes per minute.  Here are a few tips for making your submissions go faster:

  • The app does seem to misread some tickets due to the way they were folded for distribution.  Ensure that they lay as flat as possible when you are scanning them.
  • Due to printing issues on the barcodes, some could not be read.  If that occurs, you can still enter the code for these manually in the text box on the app.
  • Before submitting each code, it is displayed to you for confirmation.  Ensure it looks properly formatted.  Sometimes the code was not read properly.  In that case, simply try to scan it again, or, worst case, enter it manually.

For each item you win, you will receive an email notification about how to collect your prize.

Good luck!

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