The Holy Grail of Computing: The MacBook Air

2GIn my search for the Holy Grail of computing, I have owned at least 20 different computers of various shapes, sizes and configurations. Some ran Windows. Others ran Linux, an Apple OS or even BeOS! As a self-proclaimed technology junkie, I have tried them all.

I have never really been satisfied with the form factor AND performance of any PC I have owned.  As I have gotten older, things like screen size and resolution have become more important to me. They are either too small and I have difficulty with the screen resolution, they are too large and heavy or they are just plain old slow.  Until now…

Over the weekend, I purchased a MacBook Air (11.6″/1.6GHz/4GB/128GB).  It is without a doubt, my favorite computer I have ever owned. It is really small and light, not much bigger or heavier than the iPad 2. It has a full size keyboard, decent sized track pad and the screen is large enough while being crisp enough, bright enough and with a suitable resolution that even my aging eyes can handle it without difficulty. After all these years of searching, I realized that the thing I was missing was the speed of the user interface. Even though it isn’t a super-fast processor, it makes the machine feel much faster because it uses solid state storage or SSD. That is, it doesn’t have a spinning disk drive. It stores all of the computer’s data on memory chips, like those that would be used in a USB flash drive. This makes the machine boot very quickly, the user interface is very responsive and programs open in the blink of an eye. Granted, I’m not rendering video or using photoshop on this machine, but for day to day use, it is superb.

My only issue is the size of the solid state drive.  I am a bit of a pack rat and love to carry lots of things with me, just in case.

Steve Jobs, if you are listening, I would love a much larger SSD offered in this device. Yes, I am willing to pay more. Thank you.

Now I’m wondering how my MacBook Pro with the Core i7 processor would run with an SSD. That sounds like a future experiment to me.

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