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Welcome to my blog!

My name is Rick Ludvigsen.  My background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Marquette University, graduate coursework at the Illinois Institute of Technology and nearly 30 years of industry experience  at technology corporations including MotorolaMicrosoft, Cray, EMC and Dell.  I currently work on storage products at Dell EMC.  In addition, I have over a fifteen years of experience in personal technology and information technology consulting.

My goal is to provide product reviews and tidbits of technical wisdom that I have accumulated in the hope that it is of some benefit to others.  I will include reviews and tips regarding gadgets, cell phones, hardware, applications, Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac environments.  Some additional posts may also appear regarding other topics in science, technology, mathematics or related fields that I have expertise or interest in.

Lively but respectful discussion is always welcome.  I also encourage the submission of questions or other technical topics you would like to see addressed.


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